The Consequences of Being Uninsured: Could Not Having Health Insurance Cost You Everything? (Infographic)

Could not having health insurance cost you everything? There are nearly 49 million people who are uninsured in the US and as of 2012, and many individuals cited the reason was because the cost of coverage was too high. However, what a lot of people believe is saving them money by opting out of monthly health insurance payments could actually hurt them even more in the long run.

You may be in good health now; however, no one is immune from the threat of illness or injury. Millions of Americans visit the emergency room each year and many of them are uninsured. Without insurance you will be responsible for the full cost of your care. With the high costs of care (a recent study found that average expenditure for the ten most common reasons for emergency room visits was $1,233 per visit), it’s safe to say that an unexpected emergency room trip could put you in a financial dilemma.

Check out the infographic below to find out why you could be doing yourself a major financial disservice by remaining uninsured.



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